(1989, Jersey, British Isles) 

I'm an artist, editor and translator currently based in French Guiana.


I have an MA in Art History + Spanish from Edinburgh University (2008-2012). It taught me that contemporary art could be a lot more approachable and a bit less serious, and I like playing with that middle ground and focusing on the day-to-day bread and butter. I'm an optimist and my work aims towards a more inclusive collective memory.

In 2015, I co-founded Mi Valedor (Mexico City’s version of "The Big Issue"), a street magazine that offers a legitimate income to homeless and vulnerable sectors. I was head of social work and photography editor until 2020. The magazine is a conceptual and colourful portrait of everyday life in the city. 

In 2017, I developed the feminist collective De Reversa ("Reverse It") with rapper Dayra Fyah, as part of the Mociones programme at Casa Vecina, Mexico City. We played with the misogynist lyrics of popular songs, making micro-poetry out of new, neutralised lyrics; they became poems, raps, posters and zines. 

Since early 2020 my work has taken a turn away from the explicitly social and political themes I was working before - towards more personal interests and ecological concerns. I moved to French Guiana in January 2021, and I am currently working making fabric dyes, paints and ceramics out of the earth here, and organic, photosynthetic image developing techniques. 

I have worked with Casa Vecina (the programme "Mociones", 2017); Casa Lu (residency in Tepoztlán, Mexico, 2020); Casa Equis (gallery representation during my time in Mexico City); I participated in FAMA Art Fair, Monterrey, 2020-21, as well as organising several independent exhibitions and events in Mexico City. In 2022, I participated in the De Liceiras artist residency in Porto, Portugal, and I am working with the photographic archives of the European Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana, for my collaboration with a local residency Galerie Ka'an and Mitteraka, a local magazine promoting artists in the Americas.

As a translator, researcher and editor, I've worked with:


Centre Georges Pompidou

Musée d'arts de Nantes and

MAC Lyon (with Bernard Chaveau Gallery + Editions, Paris)

MUAC (Mexico City)

Museo del Estanquillo (Mexico City)



Lyles & King (NYC)

Roman Road Gallery (London)

Suprainfinit (Bucharest) 

Cuarto de Máquinas (Mexico City)

OMR (Mexico City)

Inverleith House Gallery (Edinburgh)


'Soft Eyes' and 'Passage' by artist Mirjam Wirz, (Printed Matter, US)

International Network of Street Papers (INSP, Glasgow)

Mi Valedor (Mexico)

Animal Político (Mexico)


SEMARNAT (Mexican Environment Secretary)

Mexican Architecture Catalogue at the 16th Venice Biennale

(Mexican Institute of Fine Arts)


IG @delf_leppard

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